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Johnson Outdoors

Fishing Boats
WaterQuests are America's best value in fishing boats. All WaterQuests are constructed from thermoformed High Density Ployethylene which makes them incredibly impact resistant and easy to care for. All WaterQuests are light enough to be powered by small outboards or just an electric trolling motor. It's easy to see why WaterQuest fishing boats are America's favorites. They have a long list of big boat features in a compact size and price.

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Escape Sailboats
"Itís all coming back just like magic. The wind. The water. And that sudden thrill when the sail catches the wind and sends me flying across the lake. I can turn on a dime. Race with the clouds. Or even hike it out for a little extra fun. It all looks so easy, and you know what? It is. With a boat like this, anyone can figure out how to get the sail up, where to point it, and how to turn or come in. So I can reconnect to the wind and the water -- and help my family connect to it, too. "
Escape 9 Sailboat and Escape 12 Sailboat
Pedal Boats
WaterWheeler pedal boats have proven to be America’s favorites for over 25 years because of their stylish lines, beautiful colors, and rugged durability.
All WaterWheelers share the same high quality components and engineering. Who uses WaterWheeler pedal boats? People of all ages find pedal boating to be a fun and relaxing boating experience. Kids love the excitement of being able to operate the boat on their own. Adults enjoy quiet and relaxing shoreline tours while getting in a little exercise.

WaterWheelers make a great fishing boat for one or two people with excellent stability, low draft, and comfortable seating. Optional accessories such as canopies, seat cushions, boat covers, and an electric motor mounting bracket are available to increase your enjoyment. With all this to offer, it is no wonder why tens of thousands of families have chosen WaterWheeler as their pedal boat!


Electric Deck Boat
Imagine a sunset cruise along calm waters with family or friends. Now imagine this scene without any motor noise, exhaust smell, or oily fuel tanks to haul on and off the boat. Just the gentle lapping of the water can be heard with your quiet conversation.

Only the Cruz can deliver that experience! Just turn the switch and you are silently underway for up to 4 hours of relaxed cruising.


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