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Shoremaster Docks at Fairlee Marine

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Flex your imagination with our new, exclusive Curvie Dock.

Curvie Dock w/ Homecrest Dock Furniture

ShoreMaster's Dock Builder :: Configuration Tool ::

Curvie Dock Long View Curvie Dock is the latest innovation from ShoreMaster, the company that never stops designing ways to enhance your waterfront living. The ingenious feature of the Curvie Dock is an assortment of curved dock sections that work with the ShoreMaster UniDock to create a host of configurations.
The 4' wide, curved dock sections are available in 45-degree and 90-degree sections. Using these pieces, we can help you create an endless array of designs to conform to your unique shoreline or tastes. With the Curvie Dock, you’ll have a layout that is as unique and stylish as it is functional and flexible. Curvie Dock Section
Curvie Dock End Platform The sections are available in any of the decking choices used on our UniDock. You can fasten Curvie Dock sections together to create a circle of 8' in diameter using the 90-degree sections. Or you can craft a 12' diameter using the 45-degree pieces. Whatever your layout, you can design a fabulous sitting area, including a gazebo-style setting with an optional round canopy and railing.
These unique pieces fasten to a UniDock section using the same system and hardware as our 4’x10’ dock sections.
Decking Options
Decking Options - Aluminum, White Aluminum, Incense Cedar, IPE Hardwood

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