Infinity RS-7

ShoreMaster's Infinity RS-7 offers you easy installation with a simple, lightweight sturdy design. Shoremaster's adjustable screw leg allows you to make adjustments from the top of the dock and accommodates uneven lake bottoms. Available in 8-foot and 16-foot lengths

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Features & Benefits
Poly Tires Polyethylene Rotomolded Tire

Tested to 3,000 pounds, these poly tires with rigid sidewalls will not go flat. Intake vents automatically fill the tire with water to add stability to your dock.

Quick Connect System

quick connectAllows for easy, no tool attachment and movement of accessories, including off deck benches, vertical bumpers, steps and more

6 3/4” Deep Tubular Dock Rail

deep tubularAdds vertical and horizontal strength to the dock, virtually eliminates bounce in the dock.

Easy Assembly

easy assembly

Redesigned for 2006, our simple-to-use dock pieces now connect by hand. Simply lower the dock section into the channel and tighten the Quick Connect screws.

Center Stringer Down the Middle of Each Section

A strong tubular center and cross members provide structural integrity for the RS7 that gives you years of safe, reliable service.

Corner Dock Section

center dockCorner dock sections add deck space, stability and safety to your dock.

Caterpillar Connection caterpillar

This accessory allows wheeled section docks to pivot as they are moved in and out of the water. The caterpillar clip will attach anywhere to the perimeter of your dock providing you with a dock removal that is quick and easy.


Decking Options
ipe cedar white painted
IPE Hardwood Cedar White Painted Tan Aluminum