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Vanguard Pico

Simple, Fast, and Fun: Small boat sailing is changing fast with lots of new designs for the expert. The Laser Pico offers the benefit of the latest design and technology for sailors of all abilities and ages.

The Laser Pico is built for your family. The combination of a spacious self-draining cockpit and a high boom means there is a tremendous amount of room aboard for children or a couple of adults. It is perfect for introducing your family to the sport of sailing


Length: 11'6"
Beam: 4'8"
Mainsail: 64 sq. ft.
Jib (opt): 12 sq. ft.
Crew: 1/3
Weight: 131lbs.

2007 Color Chart

Deck Colors:




The Laser Pico is a rotationally molded boat. The process called Rototech 2000 uses a three pour molding process. The outer skin consists of a high-density layer of Tecrothene. The core layer is poured 2nd and it consists of low-density techrothene. This core layer is topped with a secondary high-density layer. This triple pour process ensures very rigid roto-molded hull construction with the use of low-density "core" material.

The Pico can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and is so versatile. You can sail with the mainsail or in the 'Pico Plus' configuration with a jib.

When you see new-comers who have only sailed for a matter of hours, sailing single-handed in heavy breeze with even bigger smiles, you know you are in a very special boat.


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