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Walker Bay

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Walker Bay designs and manufactures a line of small boats, dinghies, inflatable boats, sail boat kits, boat tenders and boat accessories. Boats are versatile, practical and easy to use. Walker Bay boats combine the perfect balance of performance, aesthetics and engineering in a small boat that make it unique in its class.

Walker Bay's Rigid Inflatable Dinghy (RID) combines the best features of a reliable hard-shell dinghy with the stability and utility of an inflatable. The Variable Profile Design (VPD) tube, unique to Walker BayŽ, engages with the water only when required.

Innovative Design: The VPD tube is varied in both diameter and shape along the length of the boat to provide optimum performance and to act as a Fender with a protective rub rail when alongside other boats or docking. The Walker BayŽ RID offers increased cockpit space and dry comfortable seating compared to inflatables of the same size, while maintaining the security of a durable rigid hull.

Whether rowing, motoring or sailing, the VPD tubes provide added security to any water experience making the Walker BayŽ RID an ideal boat for all uses.

The Perfect Tender: The RID is the ideal balance of performance and safety in a tender. With more built-in versatility, larger cockpit space for passengers and cargo and a hull that puts out minimal wake and tracks easily while under tow, the RID is the most exciting boating innovation in years! Choose a bigger tube for use with larger HP motors.

How it Works: With a light load and moderate seas, the VPD tube does not engage and the bow cuts gracefully through the water. In heavier seas or as the load shifts, the VPD tube engages as required for lateral stability. The VPD tube engages for larger loads.

Exceptional Cockpit Space: Because of the large rigid hull structure with external tubes, the RID has exceptional cockpit space for a small boat. Three comfortable seats provide secure internal seating for all passengers and greater cargo capacity.

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