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Walker Bay

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Walker Bay 10

The Walker Bay 10 offers more comfort, space, stability and, weighing only 126 pounds… it's still easy for a couple to carry or for one person to roll. The 10 also comes with an integrated cockpit floor and is rated for a higher horsepower motor.

Only $1,250.00 with Flat Floor and Oars!

Row It
Hydro Curve oars with collars are included

Sail It
Add one of our Performance sail kits

Motor it
Add a motor

WB 10 features:
  • One piece HIMC hull
  • Wheel in the Keel™
  • Seats with positive flotation
  • Steel back oarlocks
  • Stainless steel bow eye
  • One way drain plug
  • Add-a™ Tube ready
  • Includes 7' Hydro Curve oars
  • Integrated cockpit floor with nonskid pads
  • Reinforced ergonomic gunwale
  • Adjustable rowing footrest
  • Cup holders
9'8'' (295cm)
Inside Beam
4'5'' (135cm)
4'9'' (145cm)
126lbs (57kg)
Passengers: 3
Max HP Rating: 3 hp

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