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Mercury Outboard Engines at Fairlee Marine

We offer a variety of engines from the leading companies, like Mercury. You'll find the right engine for your purpose: Bluewater engines, fishing engines, four strokes... If you are interested in Preowned motors, you want to check our inventory.

If you are looking for a new engine, please send us an e-mail to request more information. We'll get back to you quickly. Thank you !

Mercury Fourstrokes - 115HP | 90HP | 75HP | 60HP | 50HP | 40HP | 30HP | 25HP | 25HP Jet
15HP9.9P  | 8HP6HP | 5HP | 4HP | 3.5HP | 2.5HP

Everything from reliable, instant starts and clean, quiet operation to flawless performance under almost any condition makes Mercury mid-range engines a perfect fit for your boat. No stone was left unturned in our search for excellence, and the resulting engines deliver the reliable, responsive power you need, along with the fuel-efficient performance that has made Mercury FourStrokes the world’s best-selling mid-range four-strokes.

Mercury OptiMax®
225HP Pro XS  | 225HP | 200HP | 175HP | 150HP | 135HP | 115HP | 90HP | 75HP

OptiMax provides exactly what you need — from best-in-class fuel economy to unbeatable performance and leading corrosion resistance. OptiMax’s durability, reliability and advanced Direct Injected system make it a spectacular value.

Mercury Verado® -  275HP  |  250HP 225HP 200HP | 175HP | 150HP | 135HP

When Mercury set out to engineer the perfect outboard engine, we questioned everything: every number, every scenario, every detail. The result? Verado®, the world’s most reliable and advanced propulsion system. With a power range of 200 to 275 horsepower, the six-cylinder Verado delivers an amazing driving experience, superior reliability, jaw-dropping power and acceleration and the quietest, smoothest ride ever produced by an outboard.

Much like the six-cylinder model, the four-cylinder Verado is futuristic when it comes to producing unbeatable power and a previously unimagined boating experience. Automotive-like responsiveness, remarkable acceleration and unbeatable torque combine with industry-leading reliability and optional power steering to create a driving experience comparable to the performance of our six-cylinder Verado. Slightly smaller, still spectacular, still the best.

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